Loxone’s new ‘Tree’ system promises to simplify the task of cabling your smart home whilst retaining all the speed and reliability of a wired system. We asked Loxone to break it down for us….

In simple terms, what is Tree?

Loxone Tree is a free form wiring standard that allows you to run a single cable to each floor, room or area of your home from the Miniserver to the Tree Extension.

The Tree extension has two branches, each of which can support up to 50 devices. This means that instead of individually wiring devices all the back to the Miniserver, you can instead run just one cable to a room and branch out from there, saving both time and cable costs.

Why did you develop Loxone Tree?

The wiring and configuration are two of the most time-consuming aspects of many smart home installations and thus the most costly.

Those already familiar with Loxone will know that we advocate a star topology when installing the Miniserver. We still firmly believe that this is an excellent way to future-proof your install, however, we also understand the growing need for a simpler wiring topology that reduces the overall number of cables being run and thus leads to shorter install times.

With that in mind, we designed Loxone Tree to to allow for the flexible connection of a variety of Tree accessories on a room-by-room basis. This significantly reduces the amount of cable that needs to be run, not to mention freeing up space in the distribution board. Our hope for Loxone Tree is that it will ensure smart homes are more accessible, opening up the market to new opportunities and boosting the growth of the industry.

Why is Loxone Tree different?

From cabling to commissioning, we have developed our technology to meet the unique needs of our Loxone Partners.

Our extensive development teams at HQ dedicate over half a million man hours each year to developing both our software and our hardware to ensure our products are packed with functionality and remain easy to install and configure.

One of the innovative new features for Loxone Tree is the intelligent diagnostic function which relays live information about the online status of each individual device. device status LEDs integrated into every Tree device also assist in quick fault finding.

Not only that, but all communication between security sensitive Tree products is fully encrypted.

What products are available?

Many will already know that the Loxone Miniserver provides the intelligence behind our centrally managed home automation solution. The Loxone Tree extension works together with the Miniserver, and has two branches, each of which can support up to 50 Tree devices.

In addition to the Tree Extension, we have launched the Touch Tree – a five point capacitive switch with an integrated temperature & humidity sensor, the motion Sensor Tree (clue’s in the name!) and the Valve Actuator Tree for intelligent zoned heating control.

As with all of our products, we never stop developing, so more Tree products will be joining the lineup in the near future.

How much do the new Tree products cost?

With VAT included, the Tree extension is priced at £87, the motion Sensor Tree is £72, and the Touch Tree and Valve Actuator Tree are both priced at £63. Both the motion Sensor Tree and the Touch Tree are available in White and Anthracite.

Can the system be expanded?

Ja den kan; our lives our not static so why should our homes be? Our homes remain the cornerstone of our journey through life, so of course they’re going to see change, whether that’s in the form of an extension, renovation or the arrival of a new family member. As a brand, we firmly believe in offering a solution that can be adjusted and grown as and when it needs to be, and this principle extends to Loxone Tree. You can simply start with the basics, and add devices and functionality when the need for them arises. Of course, all Loxone products benefit from regular free software updates, so there’s never a need to worry about compatibility or products being outdated.


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