The people from Panasonic sent us some batteries from their most current ranges.

The pace of advancement has never been faster, but as the rate of technology adoption continues to grow, battery life remains one of technology’s greatest challenges. In addition, the environmental impact of batteries is a growing worry as global efforts ramp up to tackle climate change. 

Single use Batteries

Reading some research on the subject, there are still cases where it’s economically and environmentally remarkable to keep using single use batteries. This applies to things like smoke detectors that use up their cells very slowly.

You’ll want to dispose of them appropriately of course and Panasonic have worked to remove hazardous chemicals such as lead, cadmium and mercury from their Evolta range so they and are made up of 95% recyclable materials.

The EVOLTA NEO range of batteries:

Delivers extraordinary performance with long-lasting charge
Is capable of storing energy for up to ten years
Contain silver compounds that stabilise it in case of overcharging
Are specially created to avoid battery leakage – safe for all the family!

86 Reviews

Panasonic PANLR6EGE4BLI Evolta AA/Lr6 AA Alkaline Battery (Pack of 8)

EVOLTA is Panasonic’s a lot of recent battery creation
It lasts longer than any of Panasonic’s Alkaline predecessors
AA 8 Batteries


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Rechargeable Batteries

For the huge majority of modern electronics, AA or AAA rechargeables are absolutely the way to go. Panasonic’s eneloop and eneloop pro ranges come ready to use and are pre-charged using renewable solar energy.

Achieve remarkable performance as well as a low impact on the environment
Offers short circuit protection
Batteries can be recharged up to 2,100 times before being recycled bringing cost and environmental benefits

1,575 Reviews

Panasonic eneloop AAA Rechargeable Ready-To-Use Ni-MH Batteries , pack of 8. (BK-4MCCE/8LE)

AAA rechargeable batteries
750mah capacity
Pre-charged with solar power and can be used right away like a normal battery


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