With both the Airthings Wave plus and the Airthings small in the new Automated Home, we love the ability to keep an eye on our air quality.

As they are Bluetooth devices rather than WiFi they have a long battery life, however this also implies that you have to be within a few metres of them to get a reading.

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Airthings Hub

The new Airthings Ethernet Hub (Model 2810) is a 12 cm square that acts as a gateway between the battery powered Airthings sensors and your network.

The Hub does not use Bluetooth, instead it bridges your LAN through its Ethernet port to Airthings own ‘SmartLink’ wireless system which operates on 868 / 915 Mhz. This gives it a much better range than Bluetooth and Airthings say it ‘covers many residential homes’ with a range of ‘up to 100m’.


The hub can sit on a flat surface or on a wall with the included bracket which in a good touch has a little spirit level built into it

Just plug it into your router or switch with the Ethernet cable television and connect it up to the mains power adaptor (both included in the box). We’ve mounted ours in the data rack in the garage and the signal strength to the sensors in the barn and our bedroom are great.

Device Support

The Hub supports the Wave Plus, the Wave small and the Wave 2nd Gen sensors and you can connect up to 10 devices at once. If you have much more than 10 devices then Airthings tell us you can use multiple hubs too.

While the Hub does have Bluetooth on-board this is only used for the initial setup process with the app. once you connect your sensors to a hub their Bluetooth is disabled and you are no longer able to access readings directly from them.


With the hub added to your Airthings setup, you have remote access to all your sensors and data.

I used to have a daily pointer on my phone to fire up the app and sync our readings which wasn’t really ideal. now everything just happens automatically and I can check our current and historic air quality from anywhere at any time from dashboard.airthings.com.

The hub polls the sensors every 5 minutes for VOC / temperature / Humidity / CO2 and Air pressure readings and once an hour for radon.

Airthings say that battery life on the Wave plus using this smartlink setup is up to 18 months, versus around 16 months on BLE.

New Mould Feature

It’s terrific to see the Airthings system continue to develop with products like the Hub. There’s also a brand new Mould risk indication feature that has just been added to the Wave small too.


The Hub was the missing link that has pulled our Airthings system together and put everything online automatically. This gives the best of both worlds – the network connectivity of a WiFi device, with battery life that’s even better than a BLE sensor.

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Airthings Hub, 24/7 access to your Airthings monitor data,2810

online DATA: The Airthings Hub brings your radon and air quality monitors online whatsoever times through an Ethernet and power cable
24/7 access to your air quality data with the addition of the Airthngs Hub
REMOTE ACCESS: The Hub connects your Airthings Wave Plus, Wave 2nd gen, Wave small to the cloud, enabling remote access to your data.


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